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The Eyes have it

I always start a portrait with the eyes. I do a sketch with pencil of the entire face, but then when I start with pastels, I always start with the eyes. I usually work from left to right so I don't erase what I've already done by mistake with my hand, but I make an exception for the eyes. The reason is two fold. I always have the person I am drawing look straight out at the viewer so while I am drawing I feel like I am engaging with whoever I am drawing. It is very comforting to me to have Ruth Bader Ginsburg smiling at me whenever I enter my studio/office. It is like she is saying, "Don't give up the good fight!" and, "Sorry, I really thought Hillary was going to be our next President, my bad!" So also the viewer is also engaged directly with whoever the subject is. I feel there is an energy in this. So this video is all about eyes!

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