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Helen Lesnick Art is a gallery of her unique and compelling pastel and pencil artwork.  Links are provided to purchase prints and canvas prints of her fascinating work.

RuthBaderGinsburg FW- Watermark for Web copyright and name.tif

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG - Justice was always served. A pastel portrait created after her passing.

Serena Watermark copyright web address.tif

Serena Williams

A portrait created in pastels of legendary tennis player Serena Williams.

WillieTheLionSmith Watermark copyright web address.tif

Willie "the Lion" Smith

A pastel portrait of Willie "The Lion" Smith the American jazz pianist and one of the masters of the stride style.

Miles_Davis_Watermark copyright web address.tif

Miles Davis

A pastel portrait of the jazz great Miles Davis.

ElijahFW Watermark copyright website.tif

Elijah McClain

A pastel portrait of Elijah McClain, who was violently killed during a police encounter in Aurora, Colorado.

Breonna Watermark and copyright and webaddress.tif

Breonna Taylor

A pastel portrait of Breonna Taylor who was senselessly murdered March 13, 2020.

Hiatt FW Watermark Copyright webaddress.tif

John Hiatt

A pastel portrait of John Hiatt, the American singer-songwriter.

Sandra_Bland Watermark copyright web address.tif

Sandra Bland

A pastel portrait of Sandra Bland, who died in police custody July 13, 2015.

RedEyedTreeFrog Watermark copyright web address.tif

Red-eyed Tree Frog

A colored pencil drawing of a Red-eyed Tree Frog just hanging out.

BanjoFrog Watermark copyright website.tif

Banjo playing Red-eyed Tree Frog

A colored pencil drawing of the friendliest creature on earth - a smiley Red-eyed Tree Frog playing the banjo.

Sunflower 7Nov22 new and sig watermark.tif


Sunflowers brighten any day...

GregoryEdwards watermark copywrite web address.tif

Gregory Edwards

My pastel portrait of Gregory Lloyd Edwards a combat veteran from the Iraq and Kosovo wars who was brutally murdered in police custody.


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