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Queen Ramonda (without Clover)

So I have been forging ahead. About Clover who appeared in my last blog entry. I have never had a cat that liked to sit in my lap while I was drawing. Max, my orange cat who died 3 December 2022, used to like to sit behind me in the chair and sometimes beside me in the chair, but never in my lap. It is nice to have her there because she purrs quite loudly, but it is a bit awkward balancing her in my lap as I draw.

I am enjoying drawing Queen Ramonda. I should say this is a quite large drawing. It is 25" x 19". I like drawing that large because I can really focus on the details. I am blending quite a bit for the shadows and highlights. Now that I understand the differences in grades of pencils, I am finding it is quite helpful for defining the highlights and the shadows. I enjoyed drawing her earrings because of the contrast in drawing a human face and a geometric object. I am happy with the way they came out.

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