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OMG, what a crown!

When I originally planned this drawing, I thought about doing just her face because that is what I usually do (but I do include the top of the head). However, the top of head normally does not include a crown. Doing RBG's collar was hard enough and I reduced Hedy Lamarr's pearl collar necklace down to just one strand of pearls. But I didn't think I could drawn a queen without her crown. I cut out the top part of the crown because otherwise I would have to cut down on the dimensions of her face. And then I set to work on drawing her face pushing out thoughts about how difficult it would be to draw her crown...

Well, it's harder than I thought it would be. I am drawing the whole thing free hand, so I wasn't going to start using a ruler now, but it is a lot of hit or miss drawing in regards to proportion. I keep telling myself, "Well this is the hard part, and then it will get easier", but I think I am lying to myself...

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