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Life in Black and White and a lot of Gray...

So I was getting frustrated with my progress with my Aretha pastel drawing, so I decided to switch to pencil and take color out of it. I decided to draw Hedy Lamarr, the film actress and inventor. I saw the documentary about her, "Bombshell" some time ago and I was really moved by her story. She was so underestimated to say the least. I was very happy to hear that Gal Gadot is in production of a film about Hedy Lamarr's life. I was really fascinated to learn about Ms. Lamarr's development of frequency hopping, the technology behind WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. I was happy she was finally acknowledged for her accomplishments in 1997 with the Pioneer Award by the Electronic Foundation. Then she was the first female to be awarded the Bulbie Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award from the Invention Convention. In 2014 she was posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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