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Angela Bassett - Queen Ramonda portrait

I decided to draw Angela Bassett's portrait from, "Black Panther, Wakanda Forever" when she was nominated for an Academy award after winning the Golden Globe and the SAG awards. She is the first acting nominee from a Marvel movie. I decided for now to continue to drawing with pencil instead of pastels. I chose to use the same size as I use for my pastel drawings, 25.5" by 19.5" and while I would emphasis her face, I wanted to include part of her crown and jewelry. When I started sketching the crown I realized how intricate it is and that freehand, it would be difficult to do. Oh, well, I will cross that bridge...

I love this photo of her looking directly in the camera because it powerfully portrays her strength as she directly engages the viewer. Hopefully, I will do it justice.

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