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Angela as Queen Ramonda

So I just bought a new pencil set from Faber-Castell. I have been drawing with a three pencil set I bought at Michaels and until I got the new set, this will sound stupid, I didn't realize they were different grades of pencil. I started drawing with pencil when I was a child, and I just used tried and true Ticonderoga. I never used different grades of hardness. I just made due with the one. So this is a whole new world for me. Maybe this will help me be a better artist. Maybe.

I like the way the light from the left side is developing. I also started on her jewelry. The necklace kinda scares me a little because it is so complicated. However, the mouth is more complicated because I am working with a photo and the left side of the mouth, facing the portrait, is shadowed in darkness. It will have to be a case of trial and error.

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